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SS Hope/WHNJ was a Hospital ship operated by Project HOPE. This vessel was originally the U.S. Navy hospital ship, USS Consolation (AH-15). Consolation was donated to Project Hope in 1958, and under its new name served from 1960 until 1974, when she was retired.

Ship's Radio Console onboard the SS Hope/WHNJ
SS Hope/WHNJ Radio Console Display

The console is a featured exhibit in the museum at ChathamRadio/WCC, Chatham, Massachusetts.  The museum is housed in the former WCC operating building, under the auspices of the Marconi/RCA Wireless Museum. At its peak, WCC was the largest ship-to-shore coastal station in the United States, a legend among mariners plying the seven seas.

The WHNJ Amateur Radio Association commemorates  20th-century maritime radio, activating the WHNJ console on the amateur bands during special events and for museum demonstrations.

W1HNJ is the Amateur Radio callsign of the Mackay Marine MRU-19/20A console that sailed aboard the famous ship on her mid-20th-century humanitarian voyages.

W1HNJ can be heard on the 20, 30, 40 and 80 meter ham bands.

SS Hope Radio Console
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