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Station Sign

This sign was posted outside the radio station in the early years


Later year sign posted at the driveway to operating building


WCC Transmitter Building, South Chatham, MA


WCC 500/436Khz transmitter in foreground, HF transmitters in background. 1948

Inside of South Chatham transmitter

Transmitters 1960's

500Kc transmitter Circa 1980

500/436Kc B-11 transmitter at WCC South Chatham facility. At far end are RCA T3 Type H transmitters.


T3 Transmitters from Rocky Point, installed in late 70's


RCA T3 20kw transmitter exhibit at the WCC Museum 2018

RCA T3 Transmitter

RCA T3 20Kw HF Transmitter in service at South Chatham transmitter site


Transmitter Station Engineer, Wally Turzyn at the South Chatham Transmitter Site.

Tone Rack

Tone Rack at South Chatham transmitter site. Tones provided remote transmitter keying.


Power generator used in the 1920's at the Chatham Port receiver site.

500kHz transmitter 1929

500kHz transmitter in Power House, 1929 ChathamPort. Callsign WIM

S_Chat Generator

South Chatham transmitter facility emergency generator. Two V-8's in tandem.

Alexandersons 1926

WSO and WRQ Alexandersons at Marion 1926

Alexandersons in Marion

First transmitters were located in Marion Massachusetts. These are the 2 Alexanderson Alternators in Marion. Their callsigns were WRQ and WSO.

Marion Alternator

Alexanderson Alternator at WCC Marion transmitter facility

Marion 1926

Town of Marion and inlet 1926. Picture taken from 400 foot tower at WQR/WSO/WCC transmitter

Marion antennas

Picture of Marion transmitting antennas for the Alexanderson Alternators.

type H

Tx Engineer, Bill Ryder/W1KL (SK) tuning a T3 transmitter

Open wire feedlines

WCC Transmitter site in South Chatham, open wire feedlines to antennas located in saltwater marsh

WCC South Chatham Antenna Field

Partial view of transmitter antennas which were located in a saltwater marsh

Antennas in marsh

RCA Designed "H over 2" transmitting antennas in a saltwater marsh. Antennas are similar to a Sterba Curtain. Antennas were on 8, 13, 16 and 22Mhz.

500Khz tower

WCC Transmitting antennas. Dipoles on HF and 300' tower for 500/436khz

500Khz tower

300' WCC 500/436Khz transmitter tower in a salt water marsh, South Chatham MA

MA Tower

Rigger Manny Abreu climbing the 300' tower

"Dog House"

Base of the 500Khz tower showing the tuning house.

Tower demolition 1

Tower demolition in 1999

Tower down 2

All that remains of the 300' 500Khz tower are the 4 concrete supports.

WCC cottage 74

Transmitter Engineer's house located next to transmitter building in South Chatham

WCC Circa 1919

WCC Operations Building where radio operators were located. The mast on the hill was one of 6, 350 foot masts installed in 1914.

WCC 1914

WCC receiving location in North Chatham MA. The 6 masts averaged 350 feet in length and covered approximately one mile. They supported a Marconi Flat Top type of antenna.

Antennas 1922

Receiving Antennas at ChathamPort Circa 1922

RCA Tower laying down 1954

350 foot tower was demolished in 1954

RCA Tower Base 1954

Base of 350 foot tower after demolition 1954

WCC 1922

WCC Radio Operators circa 1922.

Electronics Repair

U.S. Navy occupied the station during WWII. Technicians working in the electronics shop.

Radio Operators and Wire Department
Radio Operators 1967
Interior of Chatham Radio 1967

HF ops: M. Carver (MC), G.Smith (SH), L.Karlsen(LK), R.Leach (LH). MF op: A.Ringheim (RM). Wire Dept: W.Talkinton (WT), H.Quinn (HQ)

Typical HF Position 1962

Operator Francis Doane at the 500khz position, July 1956, following the Andrea Doria/ICEH incident.

Santa Maria hijacking
500Khz receiver psn

MF operating position circa 1970

R/O Lee Baumlin

Radio Operator Lee Baumlin working the 500Khz position. Atalanta receiver. 1971

HF position

Radio Operator Malcolm McDonald sending a message. Receiver is an RCA model AR88


Radio Operator Charlie Cornwell copying ship traffic. HRO500 receiver. circa 1971


Radio Operator Dan McBride preparing the press broadcast on a Klein for the Creed reader. Circa 1971


WCC R/O Bill Pyne (BP) at the 500Khz position. Late 1980's. Top rcvr: ITT Mackay 3020A. Bottom rcvr: Watkins Johnson

Ralph on HF

Ralph Siebert/K1TV on HF. circa 1977. National HRO500 receiver.


500Khz position circa 1986


R/O Phil Davison at a HF operating position circa 1986.


Wireman Forrest Henry retrieving a message off the wire. 1971


Wireman Bill Lorraine punching traffic for delivery to land based customer. 1971

Wire Department 1980's

WCC Wire Department L-R Sally Abreu, Ginny Watson, Nelson Foster, Forrest Henry. circa 1986

CW Procedure
WCC SITOR Procedure
Freq Chart

Frequency chart for maritime CW operations posted at WCC

WCC GKA Managers

Ex WCC Manager Bill Farris (L), Ex GKA Manager Peter Boast (R) at the WCC Museum. Former managers of the two largest coast stations in the world meet at WCC in September 2018.

WWII Telegraph WCC

WWII original telegraph message

Sea Letter

Sea Letter form that was used at WCC. This was a reduced rate service where the message was delivered by postal services

"Hotel" at WCC

Built in 1914, this "Hotel" once served as living quarters for Radio Operators.

Operations building 2011

Operations building now houses the Marconi/RCA Maritime Radio Museum.

Chatham Port today

WCC Today. Ops building, Hotel, Ryders Cove

WCC Today

WCC campus today. Operations building in lower left corner of picture.

Early Advertising

Advertising dating back to early 1920's.

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